Let us talk about Self Healing
and most important topics about it.

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Cindy Fumei & Tracy Lewis, two sisters sharing their healthy experience at Health Institute de Tijuana.

Mr. Constantine Samoilov let us know what he felt during his stay at Health Institute de Tijuana.

Leonardo Rosa shares his experience at the Health Institute of Tijuana, with what he describes as the best decision of his life.

Marcia Schaefer, very kindly allowed us to share with the world her testimony published in her social networks, about her experience at the Tijuana Health Institute.

Wonderful testimonial.

Angie Cooper talks about her experience with Gerson therapy at Health Institute de Tijuana.

Dr. Alicia Melendez talk about her expertise through 40 years practicing Gerson Therapy.

Mr. Thomas Serio share his wonderful testimonial about his treatment and results at Health institute de Tijuana. (H.I.T.)

Dr. Pedro Cervantes talk about benefits of Adjuvant therapies
that are delivered before or after the primary treatment, to help increase the treatment's chance of success and decrease the risk of recurrence.

Dr. Pedro Cervantes talk about importance of Nutrition, Toxicity and Healing.

Dra. Vanessa Alvarez talk to about one of most common topics: 
Fatty Liver.